RE: of course it handles hangul

starbreaker - of course it handles hangul

starbreaker, I am aware of the gemini spec and how it is supposed to work. My test was to check for surprises when using with CJK text. In spite of utf-8 being part of the gemini spec, weird things occur with different servers and clients (and combinations of the two). I was especially interested to see if there would be any issues when converting among gopher and http versions.

The software handles CJK text wonderfully. I did learn that CJK text cannot be part of a slug, which is good to know! I'm working on translating to Korean to host an instance for Korean users, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for things like this. The slug thing isn't a big deal, but it does make the publishing process slightly more awkward. Imagine having to come up with a unique slug for each post that you cannot directly base off the title. It would be nice if the slug was automatically generated based on the time if the field is left blank. People will figure it out I guess haha